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Banquets on a budget The finest bar none Taking it to the max Hot on the trail
  • Business is blooming

    Business is blooming
    Destination Feature | Aug 01, 2015

    Women in conical hats, on bikes, and lugging bundles of freshly cut flowers are an iconic image of Vietnam’s capital. But who are they — and where are all those flowers from? Nga Hoang takes us on a tour of Hanoi’s flower villages

  • Higher power

    Higher power
    Destination Feature | Aug 01, 2015

    Some of the finest examples of modern Islamic architecture stand tall and proud in Malaysia’s capital. Ronan O’Connell spotlights a few of the city’s loftiest and most eye-catching landmarks

  • The finest bar none

    The finest bar none
    Destination Feature | Aug 01, 2015

    Only a few years ago, cocktail bars were as rare as chewing gum in Singapore. Now, alongside a restaurant boom, the drinks scene has gone supernova. Jonathan Evans tasted the top tipples in town with one of the city’s best-known baristas  

  • Banquets on a budget

    Banquets  on a budget
    Destination Feature | Aug 01, 2015

    When it comes to local cuisine, the variety of affordable fare on offer is the Lion City is astounding. Yuen Lin Koh steps into 10 cheap eateries plying a traditional taste of this globally renowned food nation

  • Passion project

    Passion project
    Chikka | Aug 01, 2015

    Cebu-based sculptor James Doran-Webb uses unconventional ways to get his art and message across

  • Page turner

    Page turner
    Chikka | Aug 01, 2015

    Author Candy Gourlay offers a unique perspective on young minds with her award-winning books

  • Such great heights

    Such great heights
    Chikka | Aug 01, 2015

    Domestic helper Liza Avelino proves that no mountain is too high to conquer if you set your heart and mind to it

  • Hot on the trail

    Hot on the trail
    Chikka | Aug 01, 2015

    Follow foodie Erwan Heussaff and you’re sure to get the best out of any city

  • Taking it to the max

    Taking it to the max
    Chikka | Aug 01, 2015

    She lit up the screen in the smash hit, Mad Max: Fury Road. Now Charlize Theron tells us how she got so strong — and what she’s fighting for. By Ruben V. Nepales

  • Awesome adventure

    Awesome adventure
    Aug 01, 2015

    Here are five things my son Ziv loved at the LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. By Kat Mateo