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Heart & Seoul Hanoi high What's in store Saigon? Role reversal
  • We made it!

    We made it!
    Featured | Nov 03, 2015

    You don’t have to look far for inventions that create an impact. Filipino start-ups are leading the way in clever technology and products that make a difference to communities, businesses, students and those in need. By Charmaine Baylon; illustrations by Aaron Paul Asis

  • In search of the kalansisi

    In search of the kalansisi
    Destination Feature | Nov 03, 2015

    Can an ancient type of boat that served our seafaring forebears thousands of years ago ride high once again? Prompted by a conundrum from history, Jose Ma Lorenzo Tan travels to the Bicol Region to find some answers

  • Hanoi High

    Hanoi High
    Destination Feature | Nov 03, 2015

    Packing a history that goes back more than a millennium, manic street energy and diverse sightseeing, Vietnam’s multifaceted capital ticks all the boxes for a truly stimulating weekend break. By Nga Hoang; photo by Liem Tran

  • What's in store Saigon?

    What's in store Saigon?
    Destination Feature | Nov 03, 2015

    Whether you’re after a kitsch heritage fashion piece or a taste of refined homegrown chocolate, Vietnam’s largest city is a retail dream. Nga Hoang compiles a gift guide for the discerning cultural shopper. Photo by Liem Tran

  • Phuket full of yum

    Phuket full of yum
    Destination Feature | Nov 03, 2015

    Follow Lester V. Ledesma as he eats his way around the island’s historic Old Town — a carb-heavy journey that takes in all manner of meaty Thai classics, embracing Indian, Malay and Chinese tastes

  • Heart & seoul

    Heart & seoul
    Destination Feature | Nov 03, 2015

    There’s a lot that makes the neighborhood of Hongdae irresistible, from mid-century makeovers to cocktails in drip-feed bags and coffee with sheep. Here, Thor Balanon maps out the essential plan that will make you fall in love with the Korean capital’s youth-culture hub

  • Driven to succeed

    Driven to succeed
    Chikka | Nov 03, 2015

    Lotus F1 Junior Team driver Marlon Stöckinger chats with us about his memorable year, the fan support he’s received and the training he undergoes

  • Wilfredo "Wolf" Bacareza

    Chikka | Nov 03, 2015

    Occupation: Power & energy executive, hotel owner; Based in: Makati City

  • All fired up

    All fired up
    Nov 03, 2015

    E! News correspondent Erin Lim dives into traveling like she does her job — with an open mind and lots of enthusiasm

  • Picking a master's mind

    Picking a master's mind
    Chikka | Nov 03, 2015

    MasterChef Asia judge and internationally acclaimed chef Susur Lee shares nuggets of culinary wisdom and his passion for travel