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The beautiful south The gems of Jimbaran Northern pursuits
  • Three hours at HKIA

    Three hours at HKIA
    Chikka | Apr 01, 2015

    Hong Kong resident Ems Yabut-Razon dishes on how you can have a productive layover at Chek Lap Kok Airport

  • The gems of Jimbaran

    The gems of Jimbaran
    Featured | Apr 01, 2015

    In the space of a generation, five-star resorts and high-end eateries transformed what was once a tranquil fishing village into a world-class tourist town. Jonathan Evans finds that Jimbaran has succeeded in raising organic living to the level of art

  • Northern pursuits

    Northern pursuits
    Featured | Apr 01, 2015

    Mabel David-Pilar travels to the Philippines’ northern provinces and finds a place where thrill-seeking travelers can choose their own adventures. Photo by Jonathan Alonso

  • The beautiful south

    The beautiful south
    Featured | Apr 01, 2015

    Traveling across the complex and storied quilt that is South Central Mindanao gives the Smile team a taste of the region’s enduring mystique. By Tara FT Sering. Photo by Jake Versoza

  • Picture this

    Picture this
    Chikka | Apr 01, 2015

    Domestic helper Xyza Cruz Bacani parlayed her camera skills into a New York University scholarship

  • The family man

    The family man
    Chikka | Apr 01, 2015

    Kuya Kim Atienza reveals his secrets to successful and enjoyable family travel

  • About a girl

    About a girl
    Interview | Apr 01, 2015

    Lena Dunham, creator of the hit HBO show Girls, has been hailed as the voice of her generation. Ruben V. Nepales finds out what makes this TV wunderkind tick

  • A room at the inn

    A room at  the inn
    Featured | Mar 03, 2015

    At a 100-year-old ryokan in the heart of Kyoto, a third-generation innkeeper and her family keep the spirit of Japanese hospitality alive. By Tara FT Sering

  • Six days in Siargao

    Six days in Siargao
    Featured | Mar 03, 2015

    During the busiest week of the year in the Philippines' surfing capital, Nayna Katigbak makes like a wave rider and goes with the flow of island life

  • Crack me up

    Crack me up
    Featured | Mar 03, 2015

    The annual Taiwan Beehive Fireworks Festival may well be one of the strangest (and loudest) public rituals in Asia, which means it deserves a slot on your travel bucket list. Dave Tacon gives us the blow-by-blow